School: Cathair Seircín, Inis Tíomáin (roll number 5186)

Cahersherkin, Co. Clare
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 325

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 325

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    up for a few months until another strange teacher came along from Kerry. The old people cannot exactly say what his name was, some say he was Mr. Petegog but more say that this was a man who taught in a school a short distance away.
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  2. One of these schools was situated where Patrick Devitt has now built his house. The Teacher whose name was Mr Petegog was a stranger from Kerry. The school was a simple hut, the only furniture being a stool for the teacher while the scholars sat on large rocks. This teacher had no Irish but was a noted dancer; nor had he any scholars only a few of the neighbouring children and sometimes their parents when they would not be busy. He got no pay like the present teachers but lived on the charity of the surrounding people by staying a week here and another week there. Every scholar going to this school had two books - one for reading and the other a spelling book called the Carpenter's Spelling Book, a slate and slate
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