School: Cill Chuimín, Durlas Éile (roll number 12538)

Kilcommon, Co. Tipperary
Donnchadh Ó Cuinnéain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0542, Page 368

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0542, Page 368

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  1. Of these there are a few well known examples. I do not know if they have ever been examined or explored except the one at Knockmaroe already mentioned. They will be all found marked on Ordinance Survey Map (Tipperary 39).
    On the side of Knocknabansha there is one. Its roof has fallen or been thrown off. It consists of two long stones about six feet, now well embedded in the soil and only about a foot and a half in height with one short one across at the western end. The capstones are thrown on the ground near it. It carries the usual tradition that there was gold buried there. It is about eight hundred feet above sea level.
    I have heard it said here though not anywhere else that if you stand on one cromlech you will see two others. In other words they were erected in such a position that there were three in each series.
    At Knockbrittas there are two both fairly.
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