School: Cill Chuimín, Durlas Éile (roll number 12538)

Kilcommon, Co. Tipperary
Donnchadh Ó Cuinnéain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0542, Page 339

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0542, Page 339

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  1. Mary F. Lynch nee O’Dwyer ( Spor ) born at Annacarty Co. Tipperary on August 12th 1876. Trained Baggot St. 1893-‘94, was one of the old “1? “. Appointed Principal Kilcommon April 1 st 1895, resigned on Pension Sept.30th 1931. At present residing at 1 Emmet St. Tipperary.
    Katie M. Ryan - assistant born at Kilcommon Jan 14th 1887, maiden name Doherty.
    Trained Marlboro’ St. 1895-‘97. Appointed Assistant here July 1st 1898, became Principal Oct 1st 1931 resigned Dec 31st. 1935. Died March 16th. 1937
    Brigid M. Deere: born at Foildarrig, Cappawhite Oct. 16th. 1910. Educated Balla Co. Mayo. Appointed J. A. N. (? ) In Kilcommon Girl’s Oct 1st. 1931, became Assist in Amalgamated Schools, entered training at Limerick Sept. 1937. Still there.
    Denis Guinane: born Whitegate, Co. Clare Dec 1st. 1901. Monitor in Lakyle P.S 1916-20. Trained in De La Salle, Waterford 1920-‘22. Assist ( Pro Tem ) Ferbane Offaly 1922-1923, Prin. of Bunn Offaly 1923. Assistant C.B.S. Kilrush Co. Clare Oct to Jan 1923.
    Appointed assistant in Derrycober. Parish of Woodford,Co. Galway
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