School: Garracloon (roll number 6852)

Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
James J. Clarke
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 127

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 127

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  1. Long ago there was an old hanging place in Carramore in the yard outside the big house. All the people that used to be hanged there, used to be buried in a graveyard that is in Pat Hennigan’s land now but it belonged to the Jacksons that time.
    At that time there were people the name of Syrons living in the house where Pat Hennigan is now. They were going to be hanged only for they cleared away from the country.
    Another time a man the name of King was to be hung in Carramore but on some account they had to bring him to Ballina and they brought him down the street on a handcart to be hung on Barrack Hill and they called the street after him. The name is King Street.
    A few weeks after a man was going to be hung in the same place. His wife came with an oatmeal cake and a can of milk for his supper but when she got chance she swopped clothes. The man walked out with her clothes on him. No one passed remarks of him or her till she was to be hanged some hours after. When
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    Robert Cawley
    Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
    James Reilly
    Scotchfort, Co. Mayo