School: Coill na Leac

Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan
P. Mac Geibheannaigh

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Coill na Leac | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0976, Page 050

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in it.
The Bog Garden got its name because it is a garden beside the bog.
The Old Bog got its name because it is a garden beside the bog.
The Flat Bottom got its name because it is flat.
The Pad Field got its name because there is a pad in it.

The Long Meadow, The Flat Field, The Horse's Field. The Hill. The Grazing Field. The School Field. The Bonfire Field, The Bottom. The Scrub. Maguire's Garden. The Garden is called Maguire's because a man named Maguire owned it. The School field got its name because the school-boys play in it.

The Flat, The Bush field, The Marvel hole field. The Cross field, Te Two Acre field, The Pony's field, The Mare's field, The Long field, The Three corner field, The Round Hill, The Shed field, The field near the wood, The Whinny field, The Acre field, The Orchard field,

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