School: Yellow Furze

Yellow Furze, Co. Meath
Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain

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Old Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 236

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"Ladies fingers" when placed on a cut stops the bleeding.

Caterach on the eyes
The juice of ground ivy (not the ivy from the trees or hedges) mixed with honey and sprinkled with holy water is an old cure for Caterach on the eyes.
The wild poppy is an herb which goes with the other herbs in the old prescription for cancer.
The "Burst"
The Gimpernel when prepared with other mixtures was the cure of the "Burst".
Burns and Scalds
Fox Tongue leaves were used for burns and scalds, the back of the leaf being used for drawing and the front for

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