School: Cill na Móna (C.) (roll number 13626)

Kilnamona, Co. Clare
Síle Céitinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 376

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 376

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    An Chuigeann
    We have a churn at home.We have not any special name for it.Its height is four feet,its length is two feet seven inches i its length from side to side is one foot ten and a half inches.It is four or five years since it was made.The names that are given to the different parts of the churn are-the cover,the stopper and the beaters.There is not any mark of any kind on the side or on the bottom of it.
    We make the churn three times during the week in Summer and once a week in Winter.The men usually make the churn.If a person comes in during the churning, he is obliged to make the churn for a while ,else he would bring the butter according to superstition. It takes twenty minutes in Summer and a half an hour in Winter to make the is with the hands it is made.The beaters are at each end and move around in a ring during the churning process.You would recognise when the churn would be made because it would be in a condition resembling bread crumbs.The butter milk is let off from the stopper and as it comes out it is strained,so that the butter cannot come out with the buter milk.
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