School: Cill na Móna (C.) (roll number 13626)

Kilnamona, Co. Clare
Síle Céitinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 369

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 369

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    put from one end of the cabin to the other and chains are fastened to the stick ,and there is a chain put around the cows neck and the chain is fastened by means of a hook.Stalls are other tyings for for cows.Often a horse shoe is driven at the back of the cow house door to bring luck to the cows and calves.If people remark a beast for her good qualities ,they should say "God bless the beast".Some people are said to have an evil eye and if they forgot to say "God bless the beast",some evil will befall the beast.All people named Marrinan are said to have an evil eye.The milk that a cow has after calving is called beastings.Horses usually get a good stable. It is not considered good for the horse to have an ass in the same stable .The food a horse gets is hay ,oats and sometimes carrots mangolds,and turnips.The horse is brought to the forge to be shod and when these are partly worn
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