School: Cill na Móna (C.) (roll number 13626)

Kilnamona, Co. Clare
Síle Céitinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 339

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0610, Page 339

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    The townland that I live in is
    Ballyduffmore ,which means the big black townland in the parish of Kilnamona barony of Inchiquin. There are eight houses in this townland now ,there were eighteen houses in it long ago.there are four slated houses in it now.There were only small thatched houses in it long ago. The reason why Kilnamona got its name is that a Church was built in the midst of a bog.Cill means a Church. Móna means turf.There are a few people over seventy years of age living in Kilnamona not many of them can speak Irish or tell Irish stories that are over seventy years.Their names are - Mrs O Shea,Clongowna,Thomas O Keeffe ,Ballyduffmore,Mrs O Keeffe ,Ballyduffmore .Mrs Guerin ,Shallee,Mrs Neylon Ahashla.Tom Mac Tigue Gurteen Michael MacTigue Gurteen.Annie Hegarty Rushane .Kate Mahony Clounchara .Mrs Meschall Rushane. They can all speak Irish.There are not many ruins of houses in Kilnamona ,there are the ruins of an
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