School: Dúndroma (roll number 13818)

Dundrum, Co. Tipperary
Mrs Ester Jackson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0582, Page 180

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0582, Page 180

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  1. There is a forge on the side of the road between here and Dundrum. It is a new building and was built to replace an older building at the cross.
    It is a plain wooden building with a big door and two windows in it. Inside the forge there is a square block of stones and on the top is the fire. The bellows is hanging from the roof at the back of the fire. The tools are all in rows along the wall, and the anvil is on a block at the side of the fire. The smith is a fairly young man and his name is Dineen. He mends all kinds of farm implements as well as making horse shoes. There are also bottles of oils and greases, the oil is painted on the horses' hooves to keep them from splitting, and the grease is used for the different machines
    The various tools and instruments he uses are, anvil, rasp, hammer, pliers, pincers, shoeing tongs, iron and sledge
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    1. activities
      1. economic activities
        1. trades and crafts (~4,680)
          1. smithing (~2,389)
    Irene Jackson
    Dundrum, Co. Tipperary