School: Aubane, Sráid an Mhuilinn (roll number 16163)

Aubane, Co. Cork
Tadhg Ó Corcaráin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 043

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 043

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    When Seán Dáithín got married - about 80 years ago he settled down in the old home and was an industrious individual. He was a capable hand in the making of turf baskets and scíoga for which he got good demand. He engaged in this work in the winter nights and the tallow home made candles and scolbs of bogdeal provided him with sufficient light.
    One night, after the supper which consisted of potatoes and skim milk and after the family Rosary had been recited - he began the making of a "new basket. The family had retired and he was the only occupant of the kitchen. He had been working for many hours when he heard somebody knocking at the door. He took no notice though the knocking was repeated three times. The tallow candle was then quenched and Seán re-lighted it at the fire. No sooner had he placed it on the table than it was quenched again; the scolb of bog-deal was quenched in the fire and the door was dashed into the middle of the floor. Seán lifted the door and put it across the opening and retired to bed. Next morning he fixed the door in its original position and made it a practice "of leaving the fire place" when the other members of the family repaired to bed.
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