School: Aubane, Sráid an Mhuilinn (roll number 16163)

Aubane, Co. Cork
Tadhg Ó Corcaráin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 036

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 036

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  3. XML “Sprid Béal na Díoga”

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  1. Seán had an uncle named Dan who lived at Loumanagh near Boherbee. He used engage in the "jobbing" business and on one occasion he remained the night at Shawn's house at Claraghatlea on his way to Killarney fair. He went and conveyed his few animals - calves I believe, in a horse and crib". After selling his stock in Killarney it was about 8 o'c when he was ready to come home, on a September's evening.
    When he came within a few miles of Béul-na Díoga he called into a friend's house and delayed there for a few hours. As clocks were very rare in those times the midnight hour had probably passed when Dan left his friends, and the moon was ins an spéir. On approaching Béul-na Díoga, "he got afraid and began to pour sweat" and "the hair stood on his head". At a little house on the roadside he halted and approached the house. He rapped at the door and "a voice from within inquired who was there". Dan replied that he was a lonely traveller on his way to Rathmore and "would be grateful if a man in the house would convey him across the bridge". After a time an old woman opened the door and told him that there was no man in the house only her husband who was very feeble. She provided him with a little bottle of holy water and told him "to keep shaking it around his crib until he had crossed the bridge". He had not gone far when "something in the form of a hound
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