School: Aubane, Sráid an Mhuilinn (roll number 16163)

Aubane, Co. Cork
Tadhg Ó Corcaráin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 018

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0325, Page 018

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  1. "Dan Queen Anne"
    Ellenín Prod.
    Nellie Shirt in the kettle - Nellie "Gray"
    Corcín Tailor and Pegeen Plant
    Big Ellen and Big Bill
    Mág Bladder.
    "Dan Bawlay" - Dan Blackie
    Mickie Whiskers
    Mike Courdroy.
    PaddyO - the Hangman (so called because he had a favourite expression when vexed "I'll hang for you"
    "Jack Coy"
    Johnnie Peter - the 7 Years' sleeper (remained in bed 7 years - through nervousness.)
    John Cussie
    Johnnie Cabbage Stump (was tall and lanky)
    Denisheen Cruardh
    Tim Jelbo.
    Conneen the Bown.
    Daniel Sael
    Dan Bowery (a returned Yank.)
    Jack Slap.
    Jeremeen Sal.
    Mickeen Paraffin Oil
    John Thor.
    Mike "Fox".
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