School: Mount Talbot (roll number 14056)

Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon
M. Ó Héimhthigh

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Care of the Feet

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0267, Page 249

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13-2-'38 Care of the Feet.
At the age of twelve years people started to wear shoes about eighty years ago. Some of the children now-a-days go barefoot throughout the Summer months. They do not go barefoot throughout the Winter months as it would be too cold.
After the feet are washed the water that is used in washing them is thrown out.
Shoes are repaired locally but they are not made because they are imported to us from other countries. There aren't any shoe-makers in the district.
Clogs were worn in Winter time. There is only an odd person that wears clogs now, and they are worn only in villages and wet places.
About seventy years ago foot coverings called npoirini were worn without any soles. They were made of sheepskin.

Brighid Ní Fhlannagáin