School: Scrabagh (roll number 11202)

Scrabbagh, Co. Roscommon
Mrs Rose Ffrench

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The Evil Eye

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 124

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The Evil - Eye

In this locality, long ago, it was a common belief, that if people met with any reverses, or suffered any loss of property, the misfortune was due to "the evil-eye," meaning that some person supposed to have an evil eye "overlooked" their property, and that was considered the reason for the particular piece of ill-luck.
If a person with an "evil-eye" took particular notice of any animal, for example, the animal would either do himself an injury or pine away gradually. Usually, the possessors of the "evil eye" were not aware that they had such a particular kind of eye, or were connected

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