School: Gráig (2) (roll number 3402)

Graigueadrisly, Co. Laois
M. Ní Laighean
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 159

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 159

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  1. The wild birds that are common in my district are the robin, thrush, blackbird, lark, wren, crow, yellow hammer, wagtail, and gold finches, which are to be found through out the year.
    The cuckoo, corncrake, and swallow are common in Spring.
    These three birds migrate towards the end of July. Each bird builds its nest in a different place. I have a plovers nest in Frank Ringwood's moor.
    The nest is on the ground in high grass. There are four large brown eggs in it. I have another nest in our wall near the house and there are ten young ones in it. It is a wrens.
    Birds sit on their eggs for about three weeks. The birds leave their nests when robbed and it s said that if a swallow's nest is robbed in a cow house the cows will milk blood.
    The weather is often judgedd
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    Mary Delaney
    Clonmeen South, Co. Laois