School: Gráig (2) (roll number 3402)

Graigueadrisly, Co. Laois
M. Ní Laighean
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 136

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0829, Page 136

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  1. My father sows an acre and three quarters of potatoes every year. My brothers prepare the ground for them. Sometimes the manure is ploughed into the ground before it is turned up. The potatoes are sown in drills. They are opened by means of a double mould board plough and two horses.
    Wooden ploughs were used long ago and there are some to be seen yet. In olden times spades were made locally but now they are bought in shops. When potatoes are being sown first they are cut taking care that there is an eye in each seed. Some times the local people help one another at the sowing. Some of them help by spreading the seed and others spread manure.
    Before the potato stalks come up they are tilled and when the stalks appear above
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    Mary Delaney
    Clonmeen South, Co. Laois