School: Coillte Críotáin

Erris, Co. Roscommon
Nóra Nic Aodhgáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0236, Page 349

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0236, Page 349

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  3. XML “The Local Patron Saint”

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  1. 4. Saint Attracta was born a saint. Her father wanted to marry her to a rich man but she said she had already chosen her Spouse. Fearing co-ercion she stole away from her father to the plains of Boyle. Saint Patrick consecrated her nun at Loch Gara. She got her veil from Heaven.
    She was to beuild her Church at Drum but the Pastor in Drum would not let her. Her proposal to build at Assylin met with the same result. So she built it half-way at Boyle. There was a man named Assicus, a smith, who made the vessels for so use at Mass, but he
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    Martin Brennan
    Copse, Co. Roscommon