School: Caisleán Gael (roll number 15337)

Castlegal, Co. Sligo
M. Ó Tiománaidhe

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Caisleán Gael | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0156, Page 063

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Clogs were common 50 years ago. They were made locally. Clogs are used now by the poorer people but are looked upon now in a despising manner. They are a sign of poverty. Even extremely poor now wear shoes or boots. This is due to their cheapness on account of so many second hand or cart men selling them. Reasonable pairs for boys can be had for 2/6 to 5/- for boys of 18 years of age.
Shoes were made locally. It seemed to run in families. There was a McGowan family in Bunduff, a Gillen family in Carns, a Leydon family in Grellagh,

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