School: Caisleán Gael (roll number 15337)

Castlegal, Co. Sligo
M. Ó Tiománaidhe

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0156, Page 030

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Here are several of the common ones in this district.

1/ If a child does not cry while being baptised, it is sure to die.
2/ Not lucky to meet a woman after starting out on a journey. A sure sign of bad luck if it is a red-haired one. Let it be going towards a fair, a market, town or place of amusement, the person is.
3/ It not lucky to turn back for anything, once the person has started on his (her) journey. Hence the double misfortune on meeting redhaired women. Unlucky to meet her, and unlucky in the double if the person turns back. Red-haired women sure sign of an accident.

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