School: Dún Amhlaidh (roll number 14614)

Dunowla, Co. Sligo
Gleadhra Ní Fhiachraigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0546

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0546

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  1. Some of the houses long ago were built of stone and others were made of clay and limemixed, and straw was put through it, to make it strong. The houses had thatched roofs. The thatch was the rushes which grow in wet fields. There was a bed in the kitchen beside the fire and it was called a "rooch". The fireplace was always at the gable wall. The front of the chimney was made from clay and wattles. The houses had no glass in the windows but a mat made from plaited rushes was used instead. Wood and turf were used for the fires. Halfdoors were common long ago and are common nowadays. Bogdeal, splinters, candles, dips and rushlights were used for light. Candles were made locally. The floors were made of clay.
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