School: Dún Amhlaidh (roll number 14614)

Dunowla, Co. Sligo
Gleadhra Ní Fhiachraigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0542

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0542

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  1. Once upon a time there was a giant in Sweden and he heard about Finn's greatness. This giant had beat all the champions in the country and he wanted to beat Finn too. He sent Finn word that he was coming and when Finn got this news he was hunting on the Ox Mountains in County Sligo, and he had no one with him but his wife and son. Finn did not know what to do, but his wife thought of a trick. There was a cradle in the house and she put Finn in the cradle. When the giant came in he went over to the cradle and said, "Who is this in the cradle" "That is my son," said the woman. Then the giant put his land down to see the baby, but the baby opened its mouth and bit off the top of the giants finger. The giant said "Upon my word if all the Irish children are as wicked as this baby they are a terrible lot" The giant then asked the woman for someting to eat and she baked a cake on the griddle.
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