School: Dún Amhlaidh (roll number 14614)

Dunowla, Co. Sligo
Gleadhra Ní Fhiachraigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0532

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0532

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  1. Long ago the people never wore shoes until they were old. There is an account of a woman named Mary Fay who never wore a shoe. Children go barefoot in Summer. The water that is used for washing the feet is thrown away. Boots are repaired and made locally. There are two shoemakers in the district namely Matthew Foley and William Healy. Clogs were worn long ago. There was no leather ever made in the district. There is an old song connected with leather as follows:-
    Bryan O'Lynn had no breeches to wear.
    He got a sheep's skin for to make him a pair.
    With the fleshy side out and the woolly side in
    Whoo! they're pleasant and cool says Bryan O'Lynn.
    Bryan O'Lynn had no brogue to his toes
    He hopped in two crab shells to serve him for those.
    Then he split up two oysters and matched them like twine
    Whoo! they'll shine out like buckles says Bryan O'Lynn
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    Ada Nic Uait
    Doonbeakin, Co. Sligo