School: Lisselton (B.) (roll number 10535)

Lisselton, Co. Kerry
Liam Brún

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Lisselton (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0401, Page 125

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in the garden ploughing, he came in looking for something belonging to the plough. He went up in the loft and threw down the cap in a mistake, and she ran out the door laughing and was never seen since.

The Big Wind fell on Little Christmas night. A man by the name of Paddy Cronin who lived in Beal was in the house with his mother. The storm lifted the roof off the house. He took out his mother and tied her on to an ash tree, lest she would get hurt. While he was going back for some blankets to put around her from the cold, the tree was uprooted and there was not a trace of the tree or the woman to be found.

Maurice Murphy
Ballyegan, Co. Kerry