School: Achadh Mhaoláin (roll number 9254)

Aghawillin, Co. Leitrim
Mrs Prior
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 343

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 343

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  1. In the house in which the Gilerlains lives in now, there once lived a man of the name of Black Robin Brown.
    Three people said that this man had sold himself to the devil and that no matter how much money he took out of his pocket he always had a pound left especially when he wanted the price of drink.
    This man was very fond of gambling especially at cards for he mostly won and the people said that the devil had a hand in that too.
    This night there was a game of cards in Black Robin's house and nearly all the neighbours were there.
    While they were playing the rooster started to crow and flap his tail. The hens at this time used to roost in the house.
    Black Robin Brown started to curse (for it was said that it was unlucky for a rooster to crow before twelve o'clock) and said if he'd crow again he'd break his neck.
    The rooster kept on crowing and fluttered down to the floor.
    Black Robin got up and hit the rooster with a kick and killed him.
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    Ita Mc Hugh
    Baby Mc Caffrey
    Boeeshil, Co. Leitrim