School: Achadh Mhaoláin (roll number 9254)

Aghawillin, Co. Leitrim
Mrs Prior
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 366

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 366

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  1. Continuing my talks with John Maxwell he says his father often told him for a act that more hidden treasure lies buried in the bottom of Garadice lake than any where in Ireland.
    Boatloads upon boatloads of gold and treasures of great value (so much sought after by the Danes were sent drifting the river (now the canal by the Irish). This wealth came mostly from the monasteries of Fenagh and the castles of Driney and Castlefore. These were the days when witchcraft was at its height in Ireland. A "spell" was cast over these boats of value. To sink into the depths of Garadice lake never to be recovered unless under certain conditions. Tradition has it that the condition for recover of at least one of the largest of these boats of gold is:
    That two white horses be found without one single black hair in any of them. A dragon guards this boat but when the chains attached to these horses are thrown out into the water from any shore the dragon hooks them on to the boat and away you go.
    If the horses have any coloured hairs the boat drags them into the water and they will be lost. Several attempts were made in the old days. One was nearly successful, Mr Poogue
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