School: Achadh Mhaoláin (roll number 9254)

Aghawillin, Co. Leitrim
Mrs Prior
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 398

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 398

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  3. XML “A Ghost Story”

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  1. In the townland of Derradda there lived a family; a mother and her son.
    This house was haunted by a ghost. Each night they couldn't sleep for the ghost was tumbling on top of them in bed.
    At last they got the priest to say Mass in it. This priest was parish-priest of Drumscilly Lower.
    He read and he read until he got blue in the face with reading.
    He then told them to turn up every thing that was on the dresser.
    They did so but they could see nothing.
    He asked them were they sure they turned up everything on the dresser. They said they were.
    He told them that there was a thimble on the dresser and that that ghost was under it.
    They lifted up the thimble and the priest was able to put it as far as the end of the house where there was an old pig sty.
    He told them that he hadn't power to put it any further, but that it never could enter the house again.
    Many people coming home late off their
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    Francis Mc Kiernan
    Mrs Mc Kiernan
    Sradrinan, Co. Leitrim