School: Achadh Mhaoláin (roll number 9254)

Aghawillin, Co. Leitrim
Mrs Prior
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 347

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 347

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  1. Long ago when a boy and girl were intend to get married they planned a "runaway" as they called it. They generally went to a friends house and the boy brought a bottle of whiskey with him. They people where they went to generally knew that they were coming and they would have a "spree" for them. When the girl's parents would hear the news they would send for the couple and finish the match.
    A day was planned for the wedding and everyone that came brought something with them. They generally brought wine or whiskey or some fancy cakes with them. They would then have the wedding in the bride's house.
    At the wedding there would be banbeggars and these would go in in pairs headed by a captain. The banbeggars would be all dressed in suits of straw and they would have high hats made of straw on them. These hats would be decorated with flowers or feathers. When the wedding was over the man would go home without the bride and after a month he would come back to bring her home. This was called the "hauling home". That night there would be another feast in the groom's house.
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