School: Drumshanbo (C.) (roll number 12873)

Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim
Margaret Flynn

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Origin of Sliabh an Iarainn and Lough Allen - Polltaí Hole

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0207, Page 108

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On Sliab an Iarainn a short distance east of Braveiga stone which was supposed to be the altar of the Druids worship, there is a big hole known as "Polltaí Hole ". Pagan worship was supposed to be carried on at this hole until St Patrick finally put an end to it.

Until about twenty five years ago the boys of the district gathered at "Polltaí Hole " on Garland Sunday which is the last Sunday of July. They spent the Sunday throwing stones into the hole and lighting fires in the heather.
The following is a story connected with Polltaí Hole. One Garland Sunday when the boys were gathered at Polltaí a strange thing happened.

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Slieve Anierin