School: Oldtown (roll number 7470)

Oldtown, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Ruanaidhe

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Men who Won Fame

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 15

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Mr. Frank Lawless of Saucerstown Sword, took a prominent part in the rising of 1916. This year a memorial park was erected to comerate his name, and a carnival was held for three days. He also took a prominent part in the battle of Ashbourne and he was a gallant leader in the rising of 1916, when he led men from Swords and from the surrounding districts into Dublin where they fell for Ireland's cause. Mr. Lawless was afterwards killed while out exercising a horse.

Thomas Ashe also was a gallant leader in the battle of Ashbourne. John Brumhand of Oldtown was one of the strongest men in the locality for years. He was a great runner and a great high jumper, he was also able to jump a great length. He won a great lot of prizes.
Richard Reilly of Ballyboughil could run as fast as a horse. Doctor O Callaghan of County Cork, won the championship of the whole world for throwing weights and for high jumping. There was a man named Dick Dunne from Oldtown, who was very good for lifting weights. He used to lift very heavy stones.
There were two men whose names were Pat Whyte and Francis Curtis who were very good runners. Pat Whyte lived at Ballyboughil and Francis Curtis lived in

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