School: Oldtown (roll number 7470)

Oldtown, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Ruanaidhe

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Certain Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 48

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Certain Roads. July 8th, 1938.

Roads were made to enable us to drive motor cars, and buses, to ride a bicycle. They are made by the County Council. The main road from Oldtown to Dublin is about thirteen miles long. Many men were killed on this road. My Grandfather Patrick O Connor of Wespalstown was killed at Saint Margaret's and there is a cross erected where he was killed.
William Gannonwas killed up at the Ward and Peter Reynolds was killed on the Ballyboughill road. Long ago the boys and girls used to meet at the cross roads to sing and dance. The old people used to tell stories. The road from Ballyboughill leads to Dublin, Donabate, Malahide, Lusk and Rush.
There are a lot of lanes that are not used in this district. There is one near Wyanstown which leads out to Mallahow. There is another lane in good repair which leads out to a place called Sneiveouge [?] and it is called Markey's Lane. There is a lane called the Wren's nest lane which leads to Rolestown, and there is another lane on the Dublin road called the Green lane which leads out to Palmerstown.
There is a lane at Wyestown called the "Bog lane" and it leads to a road, the "Folly Road" which leads to Palmerstown. Some traffic runs on the Bog lane but very little.