School: Ráth na mBeach (roll number 17129)

Rathnamagh, Co. Mayo
R. Ó Gallchobhair

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 336

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Once upon a time there lived a fisherman and his wife in a hole in a ditch. They were very poo[?] One day the the man was out fishing when he caught a big fish. The fish was able to talk an[?] he asked the man to let him go because he wa[?] a prince, so the man let him go. When the fisherman came home he told his wife about t[?] fish. Then his wife was angry when he did not ask something from the fish. The man went to th[?] sea and called the fish. The fish came and the ma[?] asked for a cottage. The fish told the man to go home and he would have it. When he went ho[?]e he saw his wife standing at the cottag[?] His wife was not satisfied at that. She wanted a big house. The next day he went to the sea and called the fish again. The fish came and the ma[?] asked for a very big house. The fish told him to go home and the house would be there before. When he went home his wife was not satisfied at the big house she wanted to be queen. The next day t[?]e man went again to the sea and called the fish. Then he asked would his wife be queen and th[?] fish told him go home that she was queen.

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Mairéad Ní Gallachobhair
Rathnamagh, Co. Mayo