School: Clooney, Cuinche

Cluaine, Co. an Chláir
Mícheál Mac Clúmháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0593, Page 398

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0593, Page 398

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    Between Gort and Crevagh in the parish of Quin and a famous highwayman called "The Black Terror

    Between Gort and Crevagh in the parish of Quin and a famous highwayman called "The Black Terror"used to ply his trade .he used to rob the coaches on their way from Galway to Limerick .At last he was caught tried and hanged in Limerick Jail.Many years after when the coaches had ceased to run and when the old stage houses or taverns had fallen into ruins, a vanman ,who used to bring goods from Limerick and who used deliver them in the villages on the same route, was out late one night on his van on his way from Crusheen to Kilkishen where he used halt for the was between one and two o'clock in the night ,when after passing the hurlers cross and was making through Corbally near Creveagh he heard the loud clashing of horses hoofs galloping after him .he pulled in ,to let the horseman pass and giving a look back ,he saw a horseman coming on at full gallop ,the rider was dressed in black clothes with a long cloak that almost covered him .His face also seemed to be almost covered,
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    Katherine Markham