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Butter Markets

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Butter Markets.

The butter market for this disdtrict was held in Listowel. The farmer generally had a large number of firkins, as each one's turn for going to the market was arranged in the following way:-

"Butter -Party"
A butter party consisted of a number of neighbouring farmers who gave their butter to each other in turn. Suppose there were ten in the party, each with an equal number of cows. Nine gave the butter to number 10 on the first week. Next week, 8 farmers and number "10" gave the butter to number "9", and so on. This meant that once every 10 weeks, a farmer went to the market, but all the butter for himself.

A book was kept in which the number of pounds of butter of each was entered. Each farmer's wife kept her own book. If a small farmer happened to be of the party, he was now and then slipped over and the "turn" given to the next. This arrangement worked very satisfactorily.