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Party - Butter-Making

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Party - Buttermaking.

Party butter-making had one great advantage. If one farmer was pressed for money, he could ask to have his "turn", come the next week, and was always allowed it. A great spirit of neighbourliness prevailed, and the filling of firkins in a house, meant a feast of hot, home-made griddle cake. with plenty of fresh butter, fresh eggs and tea. There was no scarcity of cream for the tea, as a "peck" of the morning's milk was always skimmed for it.

A peck was a very broad low basin, but made of wood. It was bound by iron hoops, and had to be scrubbed with a brush made form heather from the local bogs, after each "setting" of milk. It was carefully rinsed after being scrubbed and scalded with boiling water.