School: Drumkerl

Drumkerril, Co. Cavan
Ml. Mac Aoidh

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Songs and Verses of Songs Heard Locally - Paddy Seán Bán

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0970, Page 197

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Come all you Ulster heroes. I hope you'll attend,
And listen to the few sea line, I've lately penned.
Concerning young Reilly, a valiant you man,
And the name he goes under, Paidin Seán Bhán.
Near South villa's fair castle, this young hero was bred,
His parents they reared him without fear nor dread.
For good education no one could excel,
But of his late desolation, I'm sorry to tell.
It was on a May morning, I heard them say,
Straight for fair Leitrim, this man took his way.
He had no armour, no sword nor shield,
Which caused valiant Reilly that day for to yield.
O! where is the hero that could him regain,
I mean Killeshandra or the boys of Drumlane
If valiant "Wood Draper" my cause he but knew,
He's send Hulmes to dark regions and Reilly rescue
Oh the groves of Killeshandra no more will turn green,
Nor the warbling thrush no more it will sing.
The plains of Snakiel no more daisies will grow,
Nor the valleys of Eonish no 'verdure' will slow.

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