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Holy Wells - Tobar Padraig

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0970, Leathanach 208

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Holy Wells. School District.

Tobar Padraig.
This well is situated between the townlands of Drumbo and Drummully, Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, and in the parish of Kildallon. It is situated on the left hand side of the road leading from Glasstown to Drummully. It is at a place called the "Broad Slap" near the Drumbagh road.
It is partly surrounded by a thick hedge of large bushes. There is an opening to the well from the road. There are ten steps leading down to it. The water has covered two of them. The well is about five feet deep, and six feet wide. It never goes dry. The water is coming from from the rock, at the back of the well.
St. Patrick is the Saint connected with it. It is said that he shook his staff at it while he was passing. It is also said that a mass was celebrated at the rock, during the Penal Days. There used to be rounds and prayers done at it long ago. At first, the well was on the

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Terence Brady
Droim Choirill