School: Longford, Kinnitty

Longford, Co. Offaly
M. Ní Thuathaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0820, Page 137

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0820, Page 137

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    to meet a red-haired girl the first thing in the morning. The church was not built in the centre but in a sloping field at the bas of the hill.
    Some people say it was burned during the Penal Days an that the monks were put to flight by the soldiers. I am not certain as to the truth of this.
    All the building fell a prey to the devouring flames except the part which is still in use as a Protestant Church. As you approach this little square building captures your gaze, then the grey crumbling walls of the remainder of the monastic home demand notice.
    If you go inside there is a window in front of your view. The stone carving around this window is eight hundred years of age - a fine sepecimen of Celtic sculpture. Near the window there is a table four hundred years old and also a table which was
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    Nora Cuddy
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