School: Cloran (roll number 5282)

Cloran and Corcullentry, Co. Westmeath
Síle Flynn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0447

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0447

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  1. There is a field in our land called GLEN Sagairt. The priests used to say mass in it. There are two hills and a hollow in one corner of it. There is a large stone in the hollow it is called the Mass rock. This is the shape of it (rough sketch) I often heard it told by the fire side that if any Priests were got saying Mass on it the would be beheaded. They were not allowed to say Mass in a Chapel. It is a quarter of a mile from the road. There are four hills around it. The English for Glen Sagairt is the Priest's Glen.
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    Alphonsus Mac Connell
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