School: Cloran (roll number 5282)

Cloran and Corcullentry, Co. Westmeath
Síle Flynn

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0444

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the parish priest had a row with her and after that she got a terrible disease that no food would satisfy her, people said she would eat leather, and when her son got married a priest said that there would not be a fool itself in the family as there was in his fathers, and that Killua would some day be a rookery for crows.

Rós Ní Charra, An Cláran

LORD VOX was the landlord of ROSMEAD. He owned all the bog of Rosmead in which there were many houses; he had them all rented; he was a very good landlord; he had an agent for doing his work as collecting the rent.

There was an office in the yard of Rosmead in which the agent used to do all his work. Each tenant would have to go to the office to pay his rent every three months.
There was one tenant named Billy Glennon (?); he was after paying his rent and the agent was after giving him a clear receipt gave him a dispossess; when the man got it he turned round and went to Lord Vox with

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Cristeona Ní Uillic
Rosmead and Cavestown, Co. Westmeath
Máirín Ní Fhaircheallaigh
Rosmead and Cavestown, Co. Westmeath