School: Cloran (roll number 5282)

Cloran and Corcullentry, Co. Westmeath
Síle Flynn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0310

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0310

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  1. In a certain parish there was a grave=yard between the church and the Parochial House.
    When the parish priest was getting the Church repaired he took the statues of the Church and left them in certain parts of the grave=yard. There was one very big bright statue that he left in a corner of the grave-yard. The other priest of that parish did not know where the statues were left.
    One moon bright night as the "CC" was going from the House to the Church he looked over to the grave and saw the white thing, it was like a ghost as he thought. He stood and looked at it for a while then he said if that is there when I come out I will go over the see what it is.
    When he came out it was still there. He went over to it and said "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost what takes you hear?" Then he tried to put his hand on its head, he had to get one arm under the other to lift his hand up. When he put his hand on its head he found it was stone cold. It was only a large statue and the priest laughed at his vision.
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    Máirín Ní Fhaircheallaigh
    Cavestown and Rosmead, Co. Westmeath
    Mrs Farrelly
    Cavestown and Rosmead, Co. Westmeath