School: Kilskeer (C.) (roll number 1563)

Kilskeer, Co. Meath
Máire, Bean Uí Fhithcheallaigh

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Kilskeer (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0704, Page 448

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There was a man living in Crosakiel named Thomas Donnelly who used to make baskets. He would make them with sally rods. He was blind. He used to distribit them in Crossakiel.
Collected by
Rose Darby
Kells, Co. Meath
My mother Mrs Darby told me thse crafts

My father told me that he saw my great-grandmother make "rush candles". First of all he said that she would gather bundles of rushes, (tall ones). She would cut about 6 ins of the top of them - the withered part of them. She would get sheeps fat and melt it in a "grisset". A "grisset" was a thing like the bottom of a pot with three legs on it. It was shaped like a boat. She would get the half of each rush and dip them in the fat. She would leave them up to dry on a "hurdle". There were candle-

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Monica Darby