School: Cill Gharbh, Clanna Caoilte (roll number 10499)

Kilgarriff, Co. Cork
Adelaide Mac Carthy
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0312, Page 031

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0312, Page 031

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  2. XML Page 031
  3. XML “MacCarthy and MacManus”

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  1. An Irishman named Patrick MacCarthy, having received an invitation to visit some friends who were staying at one of the prominent hotels, suddenly realized that his best suit needed pressing. He sent the suit to the friend Michael MacManus, the tailor, with instructions to put it in proper shape, and to return it with all haste.
    After waiting an hour or more, he became very impatient, and asked his wife to go for the clothes, telling her to be sure to bring them back with her. When she returned he was surprized to find that she had not brought back his suit, and he said; Well, where are my clothes" Don't ask me, don't ask me I'm that mad I'm almost after killin' that MacManus.
    "Pfhot's that. P fhot's MacManus done with thim."
    "He's done nothin' with thim, and he barely took notice of me." "Shure woman, dear, pfhot's that you be tellin' me. Did Mac insult you, - for the love of hivins tell me quick.
    Well, I will tell you. Whin I wint into the shop, there was MacManus; instid of sittin' on
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