School: Drom Dhá Liag (C.) (roll number 12230)

Drimoleague, Co. Cork
Máire, Bean Uí Dhrisceoil

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Local Proverbs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0301, Page 234

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1. A stitch in time saves nine
2. God's help is nearer than the door
3. COnstant dropping wears the rock
4. A good run is better than a bad stand
5. For his own good the cat purs
6. A rolling stone gathers no moss
7. Youth does not come twice
8. All is not gold that glitters
9. When the old cock crows the young cock learns
10. The best trow in the dioce is to trow away
11. There is no fire where there is not smoke
12. Spare the rod but spoil the child
13. The longer ou live th emore you learn
14. Better late than ever
15. A penny wise and pound folish
16. There is no use in crying over spilt milk

Bridgie Keating
Garranes South, Co. Cork