School: Drom Dhá Liag (C.) (roll number 12230)

Drimoleague, Co. Cork
Máire, Bean Uí Dhrisceoil

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Drom Dhá Liag (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0301, Page 173

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situated in the midst of rocks. A large stone is in the centre of it, and on the stone is engraved a cross. It is said that on this stone the priest used to say Mass and while he was saying it, people used to watch on the rocks that surround the glen. They were on the lookout for the soldiers. This place is situated over two miles from my house in Knockgorm, Drimoleague.

There are two rocks in Lahana, Drimoleague, where Mass was supposed to be said in Penal times. About two years ago two candlesticks were found there. In the same field a Bishop was killed by a woman who acted as a spy for the English soldiers. A hill in this field is called Cnoch an Aifrinn and the field is called Páirc an Easbaig.

In Goulanes Drimoleague there is a place called the Mass Rock. In the olden times when there was a price on the priest's head. Mass was celebrated there in the dead of night. It is said that one time the priest and his little band of followers had to flee for safety with Mass only half said as the English soldiers were in pursuit

Bridgie Keating
Garranes South, Co. Cork