School: Leatbeg (roll number 16146)

Leat Beg, Co. Donegal
Mrs Peoples

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Leatbeg | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1091, Page 056

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lived in the town land of Leatbeg about sixty years ago and he was a strong man too.He could push an eighteen foot boat from the full sea mark down the shore into the water when it was a strand all by himself.
The same man could catch a linseed barrel when full, which then weighs three hundred weight, by both ends and he could go down Milford quay steps with it into a boat and step from the beam to beam and set it in the stern.
A man named McCorcell once lived in the town land of Aughadohor and once the wheel of his cart gave up with a load of peats and he held up that side until he went home - a distance of about three miles.

Great Walkers
There was a man named James Carr who lived in the town land of Tully and he walked to McClintock's foundry three miles beyond Letterkenny and he took a sole for a plough and point home with him and he was home at sun set. This was a journey of fifty six miles