School: Oldtown (roll number 7470)

Oldtown, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Ruanaidhe

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Oldtown | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 6

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There was once a man named James Keegan who lived nearly opposite the graveyard of Ballyboughal. The ruins of the house are only left there now, and a man working near where he lived, dreamt for three nights in succession that there was money underground in his bedroom. He dreamt that the money was under a flag and that before he came to the flag he would meet the root of a tree. One night he dug all night for the treasure and just as morning dawned, he came to the root of the tree, and at that moment a knock came to the door. On going out, he saw a strange man standing at the door that he never saw before and the man asked him for a match. He got the match for him, and when he came back to his digging, the root had disappeared, and getting very much frightened he stopped digging, and closed in the hole, and the treasure has not been heard of since.

About fifty years there was supposed to be a pot of gold at the bottom of the hill in the Greenogue churchyard in County Meath.

An old man and woman from the North of Ireland heard about the gold. They came down to Greenogue in the night on a little cart. They had a little dog with them. There

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