School: Caladh (C.) (roll number 8740)

Callow, Co. Mayo
Bean Uí Éaráin

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Food in Olden Times

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 36

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In olden times people had three meals a day. These were the breakfast, dinner and supper. They ate the breakfast in the morning, the dinner at about twelve oclock and the supper at night. People worked two hours before eating in the morning.
For their breakfast they had potatoes and gruel; for their dinner they had potatoes and butter-milk and for their supper they had stirabout.
There were a few kinds of bread eaten such as boxty bread, potato bread and oaten-meal bread. Sometimes meat was eaten fresh and salt. Veal, mutton, beef and pork were the meats they used. There were many kinds of vegetables also used. These were onions, carrots, turnips, cabbage and lettuce.
People did not eat late at night. Eggeating was the custom on Easter Sunday. About one hundred years ago tea was first used in the district. Before cups became common noggins, sauce-

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Seán Mac Dhomhnaill
Cuillonaghtan, Co. Mayo