School: Caladh (C.) (roll number 8740)

Callow, Co. Mayo
Bean Uí Éaráin

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Local Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 24

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There are ruins of an old chapel in Croghan. It is situated in the north of Killasser, in the townland of Croghan, in the parish of Killasser, in the barony of Gallen, and in the county of Mayo. It is about five centuries old. The remains of the ruins are there yet.
There is a graveyard inside the ruins. Long ago infants were burried here but very few are burried nowadays. There are no tomb-stones in this graveyard but stones standing up to mark the graves. This was a very small chapel. There is no story, or tradition connected with this graveyard nor with these ruins. It was not attacked at any time. It is in the land of Mr. John Padden and was always. These ruins stand on a height beside the main road. A man named Seisnéan built it and so it got its name, Cill Seisnéan.

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Éanas Mac Dhómhnaill
Callow, Co. Mayo