School: Inis (B.) (roll number 15042)

Inis, Co. an Chláir
Seoirse Ó Maoldhomhnaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0609, Page 402

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0609, Page 402

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  1. In the year 1190, Saint John's well was founded by Daniel O'Brien. It is situated in Newhall, a few miles from the town of Ennis.
    The ruins of Saint John's Monastery are still to be seen. It is now used as a grave-yard. Some people go out, on Saint John's feastday and do the rounds in their bare feet, in honour of his feastday.
    It is the principal well in Clare. When you pass the well, the first thing you notice is a big lake, where people go out boating. It is a lovely place to go in the Summer for a walk.
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    1. ócáidí
      1. ócáidí (de réir trátha bliana) (~11,476)
    Christy Shannon
    Bóthar na Paidhce, Co. an Chláir